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Sandton Hills

Heads have been turning up in Sandton over a soft killer walking among them. The inhabitants are scared as ten murderers have, in ten weeks, been committed and nobody has a clue as the killer lives without a trace. A successful businessman and the vice president of Innovate Solutions, Jonathan Paul, does not know it yet but he’s the only one who can stop this considerate killer. The only clue of his investigation is centred around his past and when his daughter, Claire stokes whom he didn’t know about, is kidnapped. He enlists help from his long term friend, ex-lover and businesswoman, Samantha Stokes, who then tells Paul that Claire is his daughter. Confused, Paul finds himself thrown in the centre of the investigation that leads him back to his drug cartel mates in pursuit of revenge. Can Stokes help him overcome his past and find answers before the soft killer strikes again?


  • The Discovery
  • Gone to the hills?
  • The chase
  • We meet again


Lead Role : Jon – The Leading man, successful Vice President of ISOL, although called a “sell out” by the big dirty players for being the good guy.
Supporting Role : Sammy, Jon’s long term friend, ex-lover and businesswoman & Claire Jon’s supposed daughter.
Villains : The Big Boss Stan “Hills have eyes” as he likes to say, from his background of computer science Stan has connections with dirty players in the drug game being the guy who creates systems that make their drug dealings and communication untraceable as well as hacking the police databases and removing case files.

His conflict rises with Innovate Solutions VP-Jon who is his old school rivalry and is on to get him, being under pressure from the “Cartel General” Stan is forced to resort to extreme measures to stop Jon’s plans, check out all the episodes available on our Youtube channel.


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